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***Tuition amounts are base prices-  Discounts will apply upon acceptance and registration***

Payment in full receives a tuition discount, and we offer 12 month payment plans 

Part time students will be auto-charged the monthly tuition to secure their spot in the class regardless of attendance.

 To withdraw from the class at any time, you must submit a withdrawal form that will take effect on the next monthly tuition date.  

There are no refunds for partial months.

Annual tuition covers a 12 month contract.  

Contracts may start at any time of year and run for 12 months from date of contract

Tuition is non-refundable

**Please contact the administrators for all payment plans**

Part-time student rates:

**Monthly tuition based on hours per week**


                   30 min.                          $50/month                    

45 min. & 1 hr.             $80/month

1.25 hr.                         $100/month

1.5 hr.                            $120/month

1.75 hr.                          $140/month

2 hrs.                              $152/month

2.25 hrs.                       $171/month

2.5 hrs.                         $190/month

3 hrs.                            $228/month

3.5 hrs.                         $266/month

4 hrs.                            $288/month

4.5 hrs.                         $324/month

5 hrs.                           $340/month

Conservatory Program Tuition

Primary                                    $3630/annual

Level 1/2                                   $3975/annual

Level 3                                      $6597/annual

Level 4 or 5                                $7728/annual  

Private lessons (30 min.)   $50.00    single lesson

                                               $200.00  5 lesson card

                                                 $350.00  10 lesson card


Nutcracker and Spring Gala performance fees:  

Included for Conservatory students

$300 for WJYB part time students

$400 for non-WJYB students

Competition and convention fees vary, and will be clearly explained before families commit

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