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Our tuition is on a sliding scale based on your number of weekly hours. Part-time students will be auto-charged the monthly tuition to secure their spot in the class regardless of attendance. To withdraw from the class at any time, you must submit a withdrawal form that will take effect on the next monthly tuition date.  There are no refunds for partial months.

Conservatory contracts are for 12 months with an annual tuition rate. Contracts may start at any time of year and run for 12 months from date of contract. Tuition is non-refundable. Payment in full receives a tuition discount. 

There is also an annual registration fee of $50 per student.

**Please contact the administrators for all payment plans**

We also offer private lessons in ballet, modern/contemporary, acro, and strengthening/conditioning. Private lessons are open to students and non-students. The cost is $45 for 30 minutes / $90 for 60 minutes

Email for more information.

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