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Dress Code

Dance attire can be purchased through your Student Portal. We have a required uniform leotard for each of our ballet levels.

Ballet Classes

All ballet classes require canvas split-sole ballet shoes. Hair is to be secured neatly into a classical bun. Uniform leotards must be ordered through your Dance Studio Pro account under Studio Store.


  • Pre-Primary: Purple skirted leotard and dance socks

  • Primary: Blue skirted leotard and convertible tights

  • Level 1: Magenta leotard and convertible tights

  • Level 2: Eggplant leotard and convertible tights

  • Level 3: Teal leotard and convertible tights

  • Levels 4-6: Maroon leotard and convertible tights 

  • Boys (all levels): White leotard, black pants or shorts

The ballet uniform takes priority over all other uniform requirements. If your primary or pre-primary dancer has multiple classes in a day, we will not require uniform changes — the skirted leotard may be worn for all classes. For older dancers, please add the appropriate layers to comply with the dress codes below.


Jazz & Tap Classes 

Form-fitting workout wear (i.e. leggings or workout joggers); it is optional to wear a leotard. Shorts are only permitted over a leotard and tights. Required shoes can be purchased through WJYB. Hair is to be secured neatly away from the face. 

Modern Classes 

Primary/Level 1: Tights and leotard may be worn; leggings or dance joggers are optional. 

Levels 2-6: Students should wear dance pants and a leotard, as more advanced floorwork techniques will be explored.

No shoes; dance socks may be worn. Hair is to be neatly secured away from the face. 

Upside Down / Ready, Set, Acro

Leotard is required. Fitted shorts are permitted over the leotard. Please avoid open back or strappy leotards. Hair is to be neatly secured away from the face. No shoes may be worn; students can be barefoot or or wear full foot grip socks.

Ready, Set, Move With Me

Any comfortable clothing can be worn. Leotard is optional. No shoes are required; street shoes must be removed for class, including parents. 

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