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Class Descriptions

Ballet Levels

Additional Classes

Pre-Primary (Ages 3-5)

A ballet class using the ABT NTC Pre-Primary level. Using imagery and props, dancers achieve classical ballet concepts in a fun and engaging way.

​Primary A/B/C (Ages 5-7)

Dancers learn basic proper alignment and technique through imagery. Props and games are used at this level to create a fun and exploratory atmosphere.

Level 1A & 1B (Ages 8+)  

Continuing basic ballet technique and alignment. Terminology and awareness of applying corrections is studied further at this level.

​Level 2A & 2B (Ages 9+)

Dancers should have a solid understanding of basic alignment and ballet technique. More complex patterns and body positions are explored.

​Level 3A & 3B (Ages 11+)

Dancers should have a clear understanding of more complex concepts of rotation of the legs, torso alignment and technique. Dancers will have developed the strength to begin pointework in this level.

​Level 4A & 4B (Ages 13+)

Dancers will enhance epaulment and expression at this level, while maintaining strong technique and body alignment. More advanced pointe work is taught.

​Level 5A & 5B (Ages 15+)

Dancers are taught at a professional level. Strong technique, body alignment, understanding of rotation, flexibility, and self-knowledge are expected, with an ability for mature and critical thinking. Students will have a separate variations class to explore classical works in depth.

​Modern Dance
Modern Dance technique is taught, aligning with the ballet levels. Styles explored in classes may include Limon, Horton, Cunningham, Improvisation, Contact work, as well as post-modern influences.  

​PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique)
All dancers will have a conditioning class using the Progressing Ballet Technique exercises. These are strengthening exercises created specifically to help dancers achieve increased rotation and proper alignment for injury prevention.


A variety of Jazz styles are taught at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Styles include lyrical, Broadway jazz, and classic jazz. The focus on this class is strength, flexibility, turns, jumps and tricks combined with stylistic movements and rhythms.

​Upside Down Dance

Incorporating inverted movements into our dance training, focusing on upper body strengthening and flexibility.

Boys' Class

This class builds the flexibility, endurance, and motor skill necessary for traditional male dancer roles in various forms of dance. Focusing on the ballet genre, boys will learn partnering techniques, large jump combinations and the male stage presence. Additionally, they will explore other genres with an attention to the role of men in those forms.


Dance With Me!

A class for dancers age 1-3 with a caregiver. Dance, sing, learn gross motor and fine motor skills in a fun and engaging environment!

Tiny Tumblers

An independent class for ages 2-3 that offers an introduction to tumbling, balancing, and flexibility through fun obstacle courses, interactive games, and challenges. 


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