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Welcome to the WJYB Blog!

Ballet class isn't always about plies and tendus. The skills that WJYB dancers develop while taking our classes goes beyond dance in so many ways. My long time dance students have joked for years about "Life Lessons with Ms. Joanna". Amidst the barre exercises, we learn about dedication, drive and determination. We find confidence we didn't have before, and our fears and hesitation drips away a little bit at a time, with each passing class.

I'd like this blog to address the thoughts that present themselves as we journey through dance. Sometimes we hear, and we forget, or sometimes we need to hear it again to understand how it can help us. The thoughts really have no rhyme or reason- they are never planned, but always necessary. They arise at a time when one, two, or many dancers need to hear them. I hope by exploring them through this blog, it can help others- whether dancers or non-dancers, children to adults.

Of course, these are just thoughts, a snapshot opinion given certain conditions. I'm sure there will be debate, since there are many ways to look at the same situation, but hopefully some of what will find its way onto this blog will make sense and be helpful!

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